You Can’t Run Away From Yourself


I’m sure we all have used the phrase “You cannot run from yourself”, but do we really know what it means? Do we understand its deep and profound meaning?

Wherever you go, you carry your “I” with you. Do you feel dissatisfied with a city, village, country you live in? With work you do? With relationships you have? With your house, car, money? Yes, and you want a change. You make a change and yet often, after some time, you find yourself feeling dissatisfied again and you feel it’s time for a change again. And so it goes, endlessly. But whatever you do, it is still you and you keep falling into your thinking patterns, emotions and behaviours.

If you always find something to complain about or feel unhappy about, read on. Even though on the surface things may look attractive, you feel that something isn’t quite right, not as it should be, not what you imagined life to be…something is always missing. Either your commute to work is too long, or you are missing your loved ones, or feel that your boss doesn’t appreciate you, or you don’t have enough money, or your children are a worry, or your partner doesn’t care enough, or your house is too small, or your neighbour is so rude… you name it! You move house, get a new job, get a new partner. How long are you truly happy for?

Even though all the changes you make may contribute towards a better life and for some time you may feel happy, after a while new sources of dissatisfaction and reasons to complain arise. This is our mind’s nature to be dissatisfied and somewhat negative. And you cannot escape; no matter where you go, it is with you. Everything that we don’t like about our life is a reflection of our inner state, of our mind. We perceive events, people, places – everything – through the prism of the mind. It’s like you have a drawing in front of you and your mind chooses colours to fill it with – for some areas it may choose brighter colours, for others dark and gloomy.

Whenever you feel dissatisfied, missing something or someone or feeling that things aren’t as you’d like them to be, pause and feel the feeling fully. Don’t try to avoid it, don’t try to ignore it, don’t try to make yourself busy with something else. Just stay with it. If you are missing something, why are you missing it? Are you missing the feeling you felt when you had it rather than the thing itself? Why can’t you feel the same good feeling without that thing? Do you feel that you yourself without that thing aren’t enough to feel good? Do you feel that you aren’t whole without it? Do you feel that you aren’t whole?

When you feel that you aren’t whole, you do everything to fill this gap, you are afraid to look at it. Don’t be. There is an opportunity in it to uncover who you truly are, all your beauty, uniqueness and divinity. When you feel that you aren’t whole, know that you don’t truly love who you are, you don’t know who you truly are; you mistakingly think that you need things to make you whole. Even though to some degree your external surroundings are important, they can never make you feel whole; they can only create more favourable conditions for your life journey.

You cannot run away from yourself. Simply be aware of this truth and start loving yourself no matter what – wherever you are, whatever you do and whatever happens around you. When you love yourself more, the less power the external – places, people, things, events – has over you. Slowly, slowly you notice that your feel more peaceful and content even when challenges arise. Take time to reflect and take note of it.

All of the above doesn’t mean that you have to stick with the way your life is now forever. On the contrary, the more you love yourself, the more beautiful changes unfold in your life. You may start following your dreams, you may meet your soulmate, you may discover your true calling.

Namaste <3