Trees, Sky And Light Or The Healing Power of Nature


I love trees. They hold a very special energy of love and healing. The are my friends. I can hear their whispers whenever I pass by – they are calling me to stop by and say hello. I listen and I stop. I come close and stand on their strong roots, I put my hand on their rough trunks and I close my eyes. I feel the warmth of the bark and smell the earthy freshness all around; I feel the energy of life rising through my feet and up my legs. I feel my heart merging with that of a tree. This is the moment of life, of existence, of beauty.

Ever since I was a child I liked trees. I played that they were the foundations, the walls and the ceilings of my palaces and chambers. I always loved the dance of sun rays though their crowns – the golden light and shining green! And how the light reflected by the water is shyly playing with the  leaves and branches. I loved the sight of trees right outside my window and even the ever moving shadows on my bedroom floor.

How beautiful and majestic they are! Such creatures! Such artistry of nature! So many shapes and sizes! And such generosity. They give us air, shade and fruits and amaze us with their flowers. I love them all but the giants are my favourites! I look at them and suddenly I feel the space, the grandiosity of play; they bring me closer to the sky…

The sky is magic. It’s in my heart, my soul, my being. The fullness, the emptiness, the infinite spaciousness of starry sky awes me. It takes away my breath. And fills my heart with love. The clouds only make it greater, deeper, richer. They are the transience on the face of eternity. The sky is my dearest cousin, who seems to be so far away but, really, it is always here waiting for me to look up and feel. To feel that I am it and it is me.

I dream of dancing beauty of the sky and trees and light surrounded by the gentle touch of wind. Can you see it? Can you feel it? Can you smell it? I’m grateful for the eyes to see this beauty, for  being able to hear the sweet singing of the birds and the rustle of the leaves, for feeling the wind playing with my hair and the sun kissing my skin, for the taste and smell of earth, for its abundance and its gifts.

Nature heals, nature wakes us up, nature brings us closer to the truth. Its beauty touches our hearts and lets the love in. Connect with nature, see its incredible beauty, be part of this wonderful existence and let it heal you.

Namaste <3

Photo: Google, photographer unknown