Come my Beloved, come don’t turn away from me…


Come my Beloved,
come don’t turn away from me, 
come my deceitful Moon! 
Look at this forlorn and thirsty lover 
come my drunken Sweetheart! 
You are my life, my senses, 
you are everything! 
Be the rising Moon in my dark nights 
I am thirsty for your light. 
Use my hands, look through my eyes, 
listen with my ears. 
You are the soul of every living thing. 
Come, come back dancing like the rays of the Sun 
and chase away the shadows. 
You are the banner of the New World 
and the mind is at your feet. 
Come back my love 
My broken heart cannot bear more passion, 
no more promises. 
I’ve had enough of sleepless nights, 
of my unspoken grief, of my tired wisdom. 
Come my treasure, my breath of life 
come and dress my wounds and be my cure. 
Enough of words. 
Come to me without a sound.