How talking to you body can help you heal


Our body is a universe in its own right. It has its own amazing intelligence, which we cannot even understand. Breathing, blood circulation, production of hormones, digestion, distribution of energy to vital organs, renewal of cells… How do we even do that?!

We tend to take our body and its incredible abilities for granted and most of the time we are not even aware of them. Only when something goes out of order or stops working, we become aware of the processes in our body. While it’s fine not to know how we produce new cells, it’s important to recognise that our body is a wonderful masterpiece and appreciate all the work it does on the background – so that we can enjoy our lives.

Everything is interconnected in our body and everything is intelligent. Every single process in our body, however small or big, every cell, contributes towards functioning of the whole organism. When we are stressed, we experience it on all levels – mental, emotional, physical. Although we may be aware of some physical sensations that may accompany stress – such as a lump in a throat, lightness in a chest or “butterflies” in a stomach – we are not aware that we also experience it on a cellular and hormonal level.

Every single cell in our body is capable of receiving information that originates and is being processed in our mind. Every organ and every cell “knows” how we feel and what we think. If we are happy, our whole body receives this information, our whole body is happy; if we were ill beforehand, we start recovering. If we are stressed, every cell is stressed – we get ill easily. That is why prolonged stress is a major contributing factor in the development of illnesses and chronic and severe conditions.

Our thoughts and words are powerful so use this power to boost your health! Whether you are in good health or unwell, appreciate the awesomeness of your body so that every cell in your body is feeling loved. It will greatly contribute towards your wellbeing, it will help you heal and recover. Talk to your body; start by being grateful to your body for serving you so well for all these years. Thank your legs and feet for carrying you around, tell them that you love them, that they are beautiful, that they are the best. Apologise and ask for forgiveness if you ever thought that were not good or not beautiful enough. And smile 🙂

You can send kind and loving signals to any part of your body and your body will thank you back! You will suddenly notice that you have less pains and aches and more strength and energy. Make it your regular practice – even if it’s only a couple of minutes a day, it can make a real difference and benefit your health and wellbeing immensely.

If you have a particular health issue, focus your attention on healing that part of your body by sending loving thoughts and words to it as often as you can. It is extremely important to accept your situation as it is and to be positive about it (even though it may seem impossible in the beginning!). Do your best to accept what is and send loving thoughts to the very thing you don’t want in your body. Whatever the issue may be, it is formed from your own cells which received confusing signals somewhere along the way. So don’t attack yourself by wishing to get rid of something that is part of you right now. Trust in the intelligence of your body and let it activate it’s healing abilities by sending love to it.

Do not blame yourself or your mind for your health issues! It’s ok, it happens, you didn’t know, we are not taught this at school! Now that you know, you can help your body heal and prevent such problems in the future.

Sending loving thoughts, words and smile to the part of your body that needs healing:

  1. Close your eyes and put your hand gently on the part of your body where the affected organ is located. Alternatively, put your hand on your heart.
  2. Sit still for a few moments and watch your breath – in and out. Simply become aware of your breathing, don’t try to alter it.
  3. Tell the part of your body that needs healing how grateful you are to it for all its work and for serving you so well.
  4. Ask for forgiveness for not treating it, your body and yourself well enough, for not loving yourself as much as you truly deserve. You didn’t know and it’s ok.
  5. Promise to do your best to love the affected part of your body and yourself and to be kind towards yourself and your body from now on.
  6. Say that you love it.
  7. Smile and keep your attention on the part of your body that needs healing for as long as you wish.
  8. Practise daily, as often as you can.
  9. Keep your promise.

Healing takes time, so it’s ok if you don’t get noticeable results immediately. Just remember that there is a lot of work going on that you are not aware of. Your body is working to heal itself, you just can’t see it. The more kind and loving you are towards yourself, the easier it is for your body to recover and heal itself; the more time you allow for healing, the stronger your trust and love gets.

So the most important thing is to stick with it! Keep sending positive signals to your body and do not give up! Giving up is a stress signal so keep on sending love no matter what! And do not doubt whether your loving signals are received – they are!

Illnesses and chronic or severe conditions are consequences of months or years of stress and suffering. It takes time for your cells to change. It’s the same with healing – cells need time to change and recover. But the process starts immediately – as soon as you send your first kind thought and say the first word of love.

Namaste <3