The Sun and The Moon


I’m awake in my dreams
and asleep in the day.
Blindfolded I walk through
the wonders of life.

The beauty of stars,
The fragrance of roses,
a kiss of the sun and
the wind’s playful touch –

All whisper silently, “Awake.”

I’m pierced in my heart
by their tender invite,
I’m deafened and struck
by the fullness of silence.

My heart is filled up with
the music of rain,
I’m burning with pulsing
of mystical force.

And yet –

An arrow of thought,
spills a layer of fog,
the shadows of the mind
veil the sweetness of truth.

I fall on my knees,
Unable to rise,
longing for Love,
Freedom and Trust.

“Surrender, my dear,
let go of your name,
for you are that Love –
look at your light.”

Speechless, in awe,
and barely breathing,
I rise. Embraced by the sun
and blessed by the moon.

– Julia Leanora

Image: painting by Meredith L. Terry