Women’s Health and Feminine Empowerment Technique


I’d like to share an amazing technique which is based on ancient taoist practices and works wonders on female sexual health and general wellbeing – ovarian compression. By compressing air into the ovaries, this technique helps increase sexual power – so that you can be more sexually active, more easily aroused and more easily brought to orgasm. Sounds good, but it gets even better – it heals you too!

Ovarian compression helps solve menstrual cycle problems and eliminates menstrual pain. In my experience, only after five weeks of practice I had a pain-free period… for the first time in years! In addition, if you have cysts, endometriosis or any similar disorders, the ovarian compression can ease your pain and help you heal. The technique reduces mental problems, strengthens the ovaries and the cervix, and increases the power of the vaginal muscles. If you suffer from insomnia and nervousness, regular practice can decrease these symptoms too. It also improves the overall energy levels. I find this technique really energising and empowering!

The technique itself is super easy (and yet so powerful!). You just need to know a couple of things before you begin. As you perform the ovarian compression, remember to keep your tongue up on your palate. This is to ensure the energy flows smoothly through and around your body, without disruptions. The flow of energy is of great importance in healing taoist practices and I suggest that you follow this instruction carefully. Google ‘microcosmic orbit’, if you like to know more.

Practice ovarian compression daily to feel its benefits, ideally twice a day for approximately 15 minutes. If you find it difficult to practise twice a day, once a day is fine too – it still works wonders! In the beginning, perform two to three compressions, and gradually increase to five. When you feel you have grown stronger, you can gradually increase to ten, then to fifteen compressions. You can then increase slowly to thirty-six at a sitting if you wish. Listen to your body and see what feels right for you.

The exercise will start to take effect within three days or so after you begin practising. The ovaries will feel warm and may itch or feel a little tingly; an indication that the ovaries are receiving unusually high amounts of vital force. Keep your practice up and after about a month or two you will really feel the difference and enjoy the benefits of this technique.

Ovarian compression technique:

  1. Locate your ovaries. Place both thumbs on your navel and use your index fingers to form a triangle. Spread your little fingers evenly. Under the points where they rest are the ovaries.
  2. Sit on the edge of your chair, feel your feet supporting a part of your weight. I personally prefer to sit cross-legged – it works too. Wear loose comfortable clothing.
  3. Imaging a golden ball forming in your throat. Inhale through the nostrils into your throat. Swallow the ball down holding your breath. Feel the ball, press down, down, to the solar plexus.
  4. Feel the ball and roll it all the way down to your ovaries – from the solar plexus down to the navel, then into the pelvis, and spread it out to both sides of the ovaries. Press down on the ovaries and pull up on a perineum. To accomplish this, contract the abdominal muscles downward in a slow wave. Squeeze the inner and outer lips of the vagina tightly and keep on pushing into the vagina. Squeeze the anal sphincter and perineum muscles.
  5. Hold your breath and compress for as long as you can. If you find it hard to hold your breath – little sip, compress some more – press down and pull up.
  6. Exhale up your spine, to your head. If you need to swallow, do it before exhaling. Relax completely. Spiral the energy in your brain, breathing normally. Your head may feel warm and tingly.
  7. Feel the energy flowing up your spine and down your front, let it run a few times, up and down, keeping your tongue up on the roof of your mouth.
  8. Take a moment to appreciate what you have accomplished, smile.


  • Do not be concerned if you feel little effect during the first days or weeks of practice. The amount of time needed by each woman to feel the effects varies.
  • Practise on an empty, but not hungry, stomach. Always wait at least one hour after eating before practising.
  • Concentrate on the compression and keep your mind from wandering. Allow thoughts and images to come and go without following them.
  • During the resting period, close your eyes and follow the path of the energy. It may sound difficult, but you will be surprised and amazed at how quickly you can start feeling your own energy.
  • If you suffer from constipation, practise in the morning – the technique will help to relieve the problem.
  • If you have a sexually transmitted disease, cure yourself before engaging in this practice to avoid pain.
  • Do not practise if you are pregnant.
  • Occasionally some women with high blood pressure feel tension in the head. This is because the blood has followed the upward flow of the vital power. In this case, you can vent excess pressure by meditating on two points – Door of Life, located on the spine directly opposite the navel (between the lumbar 2 and 3 vertebrae), and the kidney point, located on the soles of your feet. Place a string around your waist like a belt, across your navel – the Door of Life point lies where the string meets the spine. When you bend over backward from the waist, the point feels like a hole in the spine. Meditate on this point by smiling to the area and guiding excess energy in the head down to this point. Here it may be balanced and safely recirculated. You can then guide the energy down to your kidney points on the soles of your feet – from the crown to the Door of Life, down to the sacrum, down to the backs of your knees, and finally to the soles through the backs of the legs. Tape small nuts onto the kidney points on the soles of your feet, place both soles on the ground and press firmly on the nuts. You can practice right after the compression. You may also want to learn the microcosmic orbit meditation to avoid any tensions going forward. 
  • And remember, the best results are achieved when you practise with love and out of love for your body!