Happy New Year! Happy New Beginnings!


Every new year is a new cycle. It is a beginning of a new chapter. You start afresh and you leave your baggage behind. You really feel it on the 1st January – everything is new, you don’t yet know what is to come, but you are open to it, you welcome it. You feel as if there is a blank list in front of you and you look forward to the magic of life to unfold before you. You are full of good intentions, hopes and aspirations. And New Year’s resolutions. Isn’t it a wonderful and exciting feeling?

You look back at the year that just ended and you review what was and you look ahead with hopes. You acknowledge your achievements and lessons that you have learnt. You hope, you have faith, that the new year will be better. You are curious – what is to come? You feel peace – you accepted this new beginning, even though you don’t know what it will be like.

Every new day is a new cycle too, a new beginning. It has the same qualities and beauty as a longer, yearly, cycle. It is shorter and the magic of new beginnings gets hidden behind the veils of routine and to do lists. Just for a moment think, what if you’d accept each day and welcome it with good intentions, curiosity and aspirations? What if every day you’d make small resolutions just for today? Just for today I will be kind to myself… Just for today I will be grateful for what I have… Just for today I will treat my body with love…

Happy New Year and Happy New Beginnings! Every year, every day, every moment <3

Image: painting by Josephine Wall