A Lesson On Compassion

I had one of those ‘meaningful’ dreams another night.

I saw an enormous white cat with patches of black here and there. I thought that the cat was just very fat, when someone invisible replied to my thoughts by saying that the cat was not fat but was carrying a few other cats inside her belly – the cats she gave birth to over the years. Like a kangaroo, but with a much bigger pocket.

I was invited to look inside the pocket, and there they were! There were some older cats, some were only kittens, all different sizes and colours. The pocket turned into a room and I leaned in to have a closer look and to pet the cats. I saw a ginger kitten who was lying down on his side and appeared to be unable to get up. It turned out that instead of the front legs he had something that looked like a fish tail fin. It was the same colour as him and hidden between his fur.

Kitten’s appearance didn’t put me off, instead I felt a wave of compassion. I kept stroking him and his fish tail fin. He was happy and purring. I wanted to give all my loving attention to him. The same invisible person that spoke to me earlier told me that kitten’s legs were damaged during the birth process and doctors tried to operate but unsuccessfully. I kept stroking the kitten and when I looked at him again, I saw him kneeling on his front legs. The fish tail fin was nowhere to be seen.

I woke up with a sense that I received a lesson on compassion. We often feel compassion towards other people and animals who are suffering. If a friend or a family member is ill, we only wish them well – in our hearts and in our thoughts. We do our best to help. We pray.

However, when we are unwell, we don’t usually treat ourselves in the same way. We want to get rid of whatever it is that is causing us pain. We hate it. We feel frustrated. We turn against our own body, we attack it with our thoughts, often without even realising that we are being violent towards ourselves. This only weakens our body and immune system and diminishes our chances to heal naturally.

For any kind of healing to take place we need to learn to be compassionate towards ourselves. When I saw a little kitten who couldn’t walk, I was overflown with compassion and I only wished I could help. So I gave him all I could – my loving attention. When I woke up, I felt that when we are unwell, we need to treat our body, organs and our illnesses with the same compassion and loving attention.

I can hear you asking, “Why on earth would I be loving towards my illness?!” The answer is easy. An illness is born out of our negative feelings and stress, and to cure it, we need to apply the opposite – love and compassion. Further frustration and hatred can only make us feel worse.

Be kind to yourself, treat yourself as you would treat people you love most – with great care and loving attention. Be courageous to accept yourself fully, just as you are right now. All of this is essential to heal naturally, reduce risks of getting ill and to feel good about yourself.