Love. Accept. Heal.


Love. Accept. Heal. This is my mantra. Love and acceptance belong together. When we love and accept ourselves, miracles can happen. Only then we can truly heal. I use this mantra to remind myself of this simple truth and of the fact that fears are only thoughts, they are not real.

Quite recently I discovered an obstacle on my self-love journey which in turn created some physical issues I was not aware of. It was hidden deep inside and my ego-mind, or a small self, made every effort to make it look as if it wasn’t an obstacle at all. It was causing quite a lot of fear and although I knew in my heart that there was an issue, I was too scared to face it.

It took some time to get ready for it. I went through a great deal of thinking and imagining possible future scenarios; they looked scary. It took all my courage not to turn back to pretending again that there was no issue. While I was getting ready to face my fear, I looked at every corner of my being and realised that I was afraid because I was not accepting myself fully. I was secretly judging and blaming myself. I had to accept that part of me to get the courage and meet my fear.

Although it was difficult, now that it’s done, I feel much freer. It’s like the sunshine has suddenly become a little brighter. The future that I was imagining never happened. In fact, the fear I felt had no real basis at all. However, since I was experiencing fear and stress for quite a while, it affected my health, causing imbalances and unpleasant physical symptoms.

It is incredibly important to be honest with yourself to be able to heal and love yourself, to be peaceful and happy. It can be really hard at times, especially when the truth seems to be not so nice. But guess what? Thinking that the truth is unpleasant is judging it and yourself, and any judgement is always of the ego, it is never true. We get easily influenced and conditioned by our family, friends, teachers, society, traditions, religion, politicians… We base our judgements on these false opinions that we built up over the years. We say that something is good or bad only because someone else told us so before.

The truth is whatever you experience in your life cannot be labelled ‘bad’, ‘unpleasant’ or ‘shameful’. It is your experience and you needed it to learn a lesson and grow; without it you would not be who you are now. Nothing to blame yourself for. Everything that we experience, we experience for a reason and even seemingly unpleasant experiences bring some pretty amazing outcomes. Loosing a job, which can be quite scary, can make you finally start doing what you really love or a painful breakup can make you look deep inside yourself and grow, and create space to meet your true love.

Love is a full acceptance without judgement of who you are, of every part of your being and of every experience you had in life. Be honest with yourself and accept whatever you see. It is scary, but face your fears, it is worth it! Talk, check, look, ask, seek help, do whatever you need to do to face them. Once you have the courage to do so and once you’ve done it, you will feel freer and lighter. Just accept whatever it is that bothers you, accept yourself. Just remember, you are beautiful, you are divine, you are love. You will find yourself more peaceful and content with your life, and more opened for love and healing.