The Power of Your Smile

A taoist master, Mantak Chia, said “A genuine smile transmits loving energy, which has the power to warm and heal”. Smile is a very simple and effective way to increase positive thinking, make you feel better about yourself, reduce negative feelings and emotions and to improve your health.

It is hard to believe that such a little thing as a smile can trigger so many positive changes within our body and mind however, this is true. Our smile is closely connected to our thymus gland which is in charge of the production of the T-cells. Our T-cells recognise abnormal cells and destroy them thus protecting us from illnesses. When we are stressed, the thymus gland is the first to be affected. Due to stress, the thymus gland gets depleted and shrinks quickly. As a result, our immune system weakens, we get ill and unable to heal naturally. The T-cells are vital for keeping our immune system strong. By smiling we are helping the functioning and the distribution of the T-cells; we are supporting our immune system.

A simple smile can significantly reduce our stress response to unpleasant and difficult situations thus keeping us healthy and happy. Although a genuine smile has the greatest power, even an artificial smile can bring you the same benefits. So next time you are feeling stressed try forcing a smile on your face. It can help you feel happier. Fake it till you make it!

When we smile we are more attractive. When we feel that people are attracted to us, we feel better about ourselves, we feel more confident. It is easier to connect with others and to built good relationships, be it at work, home, with friends or with people we don’t even know.

Smile to yourself, smile at your family, friends, strangers, trees, flowers, birds, everything! You can make it your daily practice. If you do, you will start noticing that every time you remember to smile, you realise that at that moment there is no space in your mind for worries, fears, anger or any other negative emotions. You will feel better about yourself and you will be able to see life around you as it is and not through a fog of perceptions that are based on your anxieties. When we smile, we feel more present, more alive and more content with ourselves and our lives.

Happy smiling 🙂