Why self-love?


Welcome to Enlightened Self-Love blog! The purpose of this blog is to share the insights and experiences that I’ve gathered on my self-love journey to inspire you to embark on yours.

Self-love has been misunderstood, misinterpreted and abandoned for a long time. It has been confused with ego and the organised religious institutions all over the world would call you selfish if you’d dare to love yourself. In reality, loving yourself is immensely important for your health, peace and happiness.

Self-love prevents and cures illnesses. Physical illnesses that we experience in our lives are often caused by the excessive stress of modern life and the accompanying fears, anxieties and worries. All negative emotions have a direct impact on our physical health. Stress hormones weaken our immune systems and reduce our natural ability to rejuvenate and heal ourselves. Self-love reduces and over time eliminates these negative emotions and states of mind and thus restores lost vitality and health.

By reducing and eliminating stress, self-love gives us a sought-after state of peace and contentment. By making a conscious choice to love ourselves, we are making a major shift in our minds – from fear to love, from stress and anxiety to peace and happiness.

Self-love brings awareness. Awareness brings self-love. Whichever unfolds first doesn’t matter. Both teach us to see ourselves as we truly are and to be aware of our minds and thoughts. Our minds are incredibly powerful and self-love and awareness can direct this power to create health, peace and happiness.

In the forthcoming blog entries I am going to share tips and ideas how to claim your power and enhance your life through self-love and awareness.

Image: painting by Lori Portka