Falling into the sky


On the edge
of the mind
between future
and past
I stand on one foot
ready to fall
into the abyss
of the unknown
and die…
Feeling fragile and
nearly broken
and yet unable
to jump
and let go
of the world,
and sorrows…
Looking back –
all bridges
are burnt,
looking forward –
can’t see
the road…
Eyes closed,
not moving,
not wanting,
not speaking,
I hold on
to the illusion
of peace.
My darkness,
my light,
my shadows,
my heart –
all mixed –
what’s darkness
what’s light?
No more
no more
no more
and lies.
I only beg
for the wind
to blow me away
so that I fall –
up, into the sky –
to be one
with spaciousness,
beauty and love –
to be free,
simply to be.

– Julia Leanora

Image: The Hanged Man painting by Emily Carding

Namaste <3